Justice comes after 30 years – murder of Robbin Brandley

30+ years ago, my daughter, Robbin Brandley, was murdered at Saddleback Community College in Mission Viejo, CA on January 18, 1986. Robbin’s mother is Genelle (Jill), my wife of 54 years (deceased), and sister of her younger brother, Jayeson Brandley. Robbin just turned 23 one month prior to her murder.

Robbin was attacked by a stranger, Andrew Urdiales, a Marine stationed at Camp Pendleton, CA. Robbin was viciously stabbed over 40 times and left to die alone, next to her car, on a cold, dark, parking lot. Robbin was not sexually molested or robbed. The murder was pure, absolute evil. Robbin was Urdiales’ first murder, he committed seven more:  eight total – five in California and three in Cook County, IL.- plus an attempted murder in California.

Urdiales has escaped two death sentences in Illinois, he was given two commutations to life with/out parole by two Illinois governors. He may not be so fortunate in California. He will be tried for five murders at one time in Orange County, CA. It is a death sentence trial scheduled to begin October 18, 2016.

For 11 years, Urdiales was unknown to detectives. In 1997, while being interrogated by Chicago police, he admitted to three Illinois murders, then he said he murdered five women in California. He confessed freely to all eight murders. He was sentenced to death by a Cook County jury for two murders. He was sentenced to death again in Livingston Co, IL,, for one murder. He was eventually extradited to Orange Co in 2011 after his second commutation.

This blog is in memory of Robbin and her mother, Genelle (Jill), her brother Jayeson  and all victims of violent crime. During the trial I want to focus on the California Constitution victims’ and survivors’ rights provided by Marsy’s Law, a key 2008 election triumph establishing victim and survivors standing within the criminal justice system.

Marsy’s Law is being introduced and expanded into many states. I urge all victims of violent crime to support the effort. Please check the internet for details of the law and the status of state efforts and progress, all championed by Dr. Henry Nicholas lll, Marsy’s brother.

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