Robbin Brandley Murder #1 January 08, 2019

Robbin Brandley’s murder is a story of delayed justice for Robbin, her family, relatives and friends. She was murdered by the craven serial killer Andrew Urdiales.
We are Genelle (deceased 2012), aka Jill, and John Reilley, aka Jack, parents of Robbin Brandley, our oldest child, our only girl. Robbin celebrated her 23rd birthday on December 6, 1985, about six weeks before her vicious murder on January 18, 1986. The murder was at Robbin’s parked car at Saddleback Community College – Mission Viejo, CA, about 10:00pm.

On June 13, 2018, Urdiales was sentenced to five consecutive death sentences for the serial murders of five young California women. Robbin was his first murder, she was stabbed repeatedly and left to die, alone, on a cold, wet, dark parking lot. Robbin fought Urdiales for her life.

Urdiales was also sentenced to two death sentences in Illinois for three murders of young women. Both sentences were commutated to life-without-parole by two different Governors.

Urdiales is a cowardly killer. He attacked Robbin at her back with a large, serrated hunting knife several times then turned her over to stab her torso repeatedly. Robbin’s murder was cold blooded, no apparent motive other than EVIL. Robbin and Urdiales were strangers to each other.

After Robbin, Urdiales switched to using a gun, sometimes with a gun and a knife. He sadistically tortured and brutally murdered seven more helpless young women.

Urdiales, a Marine then stationed at Camp Pendleton in Southern California, did not rob or sexually molest Robbin, the other women were forced to have sex and perform gross sexual acts.

Justice delayed is justice denied! At least it was for us until the 2018 jury verdicts of guilty and the death verdicts were delivered. The judge sentenced Urdiales to death: the final justice finally delivered 32 years after Robbin’s murder.

In late 2018 while Urdiales was being processed at San Quintin Prison in California, he committed suicide his cell.

During the early years Jill and I had many issues with the Sheriff’s detectives and their investigation, the initial prosecutor and the extradition. 32 years of frustration, suspicion and disappointment.

But, today, I thank the Orange County District Attorney, the excellent prosecutors and their staff for conducting an excellent, winning, trial, and, their complete compliance with Marsy’s Law throughout the trial ordeal. Thank You All.

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