Robbin Brandley Murder Trial #10 3/26 to 3/30 – 2018

During the week the prosecutor called the people who found the bodies of Robbin and the other four young women: Julie McGhee, Mary Ann Wells, Tammy Erwin and Denise Maney.
Also called were the detectives and crime scene specialists who professionally collected the physical and biological evidence. They made exact notes of the women’s bodies and positions, how they were murdered – knife, gun or combination – clothes/shoes, identifying marks such as tattoos and birthmarks. Identifications were difficult because Urdiales left the bodies exposed to weather and the ravages of the wild life. Also called were coroners who described exactly the victim’s body damage and the exact cause of death, DNA analysis and shell casing identifying experts.

The police detectives, crime analysis and prosecutor were building a fact based case. Next came Urdiales’ audio confessions describing exactly each of the five murders. At the end of the questioning and confession, it was clear that Urdiales was present at the crime scene.

An interesting sideshow came when Urdiales testified to impeach the Chicago detective who arrested and interrogated him. Urdiales said he was not given water or fluid, food, toilet, sleep and was continually verbally abused and called gross names. He said the detective smashed his head into a wall. Upon cross examination, the prosecutor surgically took Urdiales apart, proving the charges were not true using Urdiales’ own written statements, own words. Lies.

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