Robbin Brandley Murder Trial #13 week of 4/16 to 4/20/2018

This week was a continuation of defense witnesses, all experts on Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder – FASD and Fetal Alcohol Symdrone – FAS. This week the witnesses were two forensic and clinical psychoanalysis. Both agreed that the murderer did have the physical and brain damage symptoms of FAS in particular and FASD in general.

The prosecutor challenged the methodology of their examinations and the quality of their analysis or diagnosis. Specifically, the behavior of the murderer as an infant, child, teenager and a Marine did not conform, show the expected behavior of an FAS sufferer. One doctor admitted to not examining the murderer in person nor reviewing his medical records, he just viewed brain scans. The second doctor did interview for about four hours. Both doctors based their conclusions relying heavily on rote text book generalities, or work done by other doctors examining the murderer,
rather than their own observations.

So far the prosecutor has shown an incomplete and careless assessments of the murderer. To date, none of the “experts” make any claim that FASD sufferers can be, or are, murderous, let alone serial killers.

The court is now on a two week hiatus, resuming on May 9, 2018.

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