Robbin Brandley Murder Trial #17 week of 6/3 to 6/9/2018

Charles, Steve, Jayeson and I all testified on Tuesday. We did not give our prepared statements, which we loaded with angry attacks on the defense and Urdiales. We were all under oath, talking to the jury, so we could not talk about anything other than fact. We suppressed our non-factual opinions and anger and insults.

Matt Murphy did the questioning, keeping us focused upon emotional responses concerning how we found out about the murder, describe what our victim was like in life, describe a treasured moment with with our daughters (Charles and I), sister (Jayeson) and mother (Steve.)

At first I was not pleased, I thought this was our time to express opinion and outrage. Thinking it over, throughout the trial the young women’s bodies are treated as evidence, treated as objects. This was the time for the jury to learn that each victim was a living, loving person with plans and dreams — with people who loved them.

Matt reminded the jury what witness Julie (Robbin’s mentor, professor and friend) said: “Robbin was beautiful that night, she seemed to glow.” Matt selected photos for the overhead screen. Excellent selections for Robbin — Matt called her beautiful too, no argument from me.

The defense had two witness, Urdiales’ brother and one sister. They answered two emotional questions each and they professed how they still loved their brother, regardless

Matt did not need to call Park Deitz. The defense decided to NOT call it’s last “expert” witness ( supposedly a closer for the “FASD made me do it” argument) therefore Park was not needed as a rebuttal witness. The defense knows quite well Park’s reputation and talent to debunk the “he’s crazy” excuse for serial killers so they dumped their witness to avoid embarrassment. Would have been a fascinating show.

On Thursday Matt gave his summation, about 5 hours. He really got into Jennifer’s testimony and then into the facts of each murder. Matt effectively showed that Urdiales murdered not because of some fake reason — not FASD, not “blame the MOM,” not a violent family. Urdiales murdered because he is a cold blooded killer. Nobody knows why? As far as I am concerned Urdiales is a sociopath, no moral code — killed for pleasure and then discarded the bodies like trash, a final insult to each victim. Robbin was an exception, he left her to die, alone, on a cold, wet parking lot beside her car.

Next week – June 10th to June 16th 2018 – the defense final closing arguments then turn the case over to the jury to decide Death — or — Life without Possible Parole (Sentenced to “Life” – strange.) From the look on the jurors faces as they filed out — very somber, some were crying but trying not to show it. I expect the Death sentence on each of the five murders.

(California “Empty the Prisons” Outrage continues) – murderers without a death sentence verdict can be paroled after they turn 60 years old. So, for beginners, hundreds of murderers convicted in the 1972 – 1977 period when California did not have a death sentence, will soon walk free. So Cheer Up Urdiales, who knows, you might be walking with them, regardless of five death sentences, if California continues it’s craziness. Thank you George Soros and you band of pro-crime, pro-criminal goof balls.

OK, so when do the survivors get to tell off Urdiales? During the Sentencing Phase, the last day of the trial sometime in the future, earliest in late July but may be somewhere in August 2018. The jury will be dismissed after their decision on punishment, therefore the survivors and anyone else can say what we want before the judge passes sentence.

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