Robbin Brandley Murder Trial 2-weeks 5/20 – 6/02/2018

This is for a two week period

May 23/ 2018 – The jury returned with 1st Degree murder for each of the five murders with special circumstances qualifying for the death penalty. Only one day in session this week.

May 29th, 2018 – The Penalry Phase begins.

Eric Scarbrough begins introductory prosecution statement. Jury will hear about the three Chicago murders, Jennifer Asbenson’s testimony and testimony from Jack Reilley and Jayeson Brandley (Robbin’s father and brother), Charles Irwin (Tammy Irwin’s father) and Steve (Mary Ann Wells’ son.)

Lead defense attorney, Denise Gregg, states the defense will explain why Urdiales murder in his own words, will explain the evidence. Finally, Denise states Urdiales is honest in his statements.

First witness – an Illinois States’ Attorney read depositions of Urdiales’ confessions to the murders of Laura Uylaki, Cassandra Corum and Lynn Hyber.

Jennifer Asbenson testified next. Jennifer is the only victim who escaped Urdiales. She described in detail, with deep emotion, the brutality of Urdiales’ savageness.After Jennifer’s testimony, Urdiales’ playback of his making his confession, all of Jennifer’s testimony was corroborated by Urdiales.

The 2nd seat defense lawyer, Ken Morrison, began to cross examine Jennifer. He began to attack her credibility, claiming she changed her story over the years. The judge stopped the cross and brought all four lawyers plus the court reporter into chambers. Upon return, Ken rested the cross.

Matt Murphy, the lead prosecutor, said the judge knew where Ken was going, questioning and digging into Jennifer’s medical treatments, doctor visits, hospitalization, etc. Jennifer has PTS resulting from Urdiales attack. When Ken began his attack, Jennifer became frightened, upset. The judge was not permitting the defense to open an unnecessary can of worms. It was obvious the jury was with Jennifer and hated Ken. Not good for the defense.

The defense never offered testimony about any of the opening promises she made. Just miscelleanous evidence????






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