Robbin Brandley Murder Trial #8 03/03/18

Finally, the trial will begin March 20, 2018, 32 years after the murder. The trial will be held at the Orange County Superior Court in Santa Ana. Robbin’s relatives and friends plus Genelle’s victim survivor friends and high school friends will be in attendance to show their love for Robbin and Genelle, Jayeson and I.
So far, the DA’s office has followed the Marsy’s Law requirements as far as protecting victim and survivors rights within the criminal process. No complaints.
Best guess, the defense will not really try for not guilty but will use diminished intellectual capacity based on a tough childhood and inability to fit within normal social conditions. This defense was tried this argument in his two Illinois trials for three murders. Two juries, two appeals courts and an Illinois Supreme Court rulings said NO
The evidence is overpowering in all five murders. I would not be surprised if the murderer pleads “guilty” after the presentation of all five murders. If he does, he can bargain with the prosecutor for life without parole rather than the death sentence. Regardless of which path he chooses, his life in prison will be lonely, forgotten, useless, death awaits him either by capital punishment or by prison yard justice, or suicide. Whichever is satisfactory to me.

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