Robbin Brandley Murder Trial #9 03/25/18

Finally, the trial began. I am looking at the trial from the viewpoint of Marsy’s Law victim’s rights within the California criminal’s justice system.

To date, I have no problems under Marsy’s Law with the prosecution or defense handling during the pre- and now current trial. My gripe was the 6+ years since Urdiales’ extradition in 2011 to trial in 2018 and the frequent trial delays, mainly caused by the defense. I wrote letters to the judge and spoke frequently with various prosecutors asking for the trial start, but because the defense is handling five murders in the trial, the judge gave leeway to avoid appeals arguments later on.

During the defense opening statement to the jury, they said the facts of the five murders will not be question. What does that mean – the defense knows Urdiales is guilty and will not contest his guilt. The defense will argue that Urdiales is mentally unstable because of his mother’s alcoholism during pregnancy thus his murders were unintentional, commited while Urdiales was suffering a “fit.” This argument was used by Illinois defense in two trials where he was given the death sentence. Two juries, two appeals courts and the Illinois Supreme Court rejected the “crazy” claim. This is all such BS. In all murders of women, other than Robbin’s, Urdiales planned, had the knives and gun, binding ropes, lured women to isolated places, violated them, terrorized them then shot and stabbed them, then escaped as planned. A preponderance of guilt and rational thinking. A consciousness of guilt.

During the second day, witnesses confirmed that the parking lot where Robbin was attacked was dark or very dim. Lot lights were either not working of broken. Along with the overgrowth of bushes, the parking lot was a perfect place for an attack.

And, one of the witnesses confirmed that Robbin left the concert auditorium with Valerie as a safety precaution in the dangerous campus parking lots. I have always believed Robbin did not walk to her car alone.

On Monday, March 26, 2018, the prosecution will continue with presenting key witnesses and evidence.

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