Robbin Brandley’s Murder Trial #5

A start date for Andrew Urdiales, murderer of Robbin, will begin October 13, 2017. The defense has agreed to no more requests for continuances (we will see.) About 400 potential jurors must complete a multiple page question form. The prosecutor and defense teams will then select a jury pool and finally question/select the 12 member jury and six alternates.

The trial start of testimony should begin before Thanksgiving 2017. Due to the many court holidays during the November 2017 to February 2018 months, I expect many closed days for the court, thus extending the trial, probably into early March 2018 (I hope not.)

The prosecutor has not decided the sequence of murder presentations to the jury. There is no set time when Robbin’s murder will be presented. The prosecutor says that the attendance of Robbin’s friends, relatives and members of the victim rights groups that Genelle and I joined be present for the jury to see. This is important because the memory and love of Robbin, although not physical, is an emotional presence the jury can feel.

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  1. Diane Carter | | Reply

    I encourage all of Jill’s Wilson Hi friends to carpool together to support Jack and “be there” for our beloved friend Jill. Justice is what she fought so hard for, and it is up to us to now represent her in court. Let’s make her proud.

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