Robbin Brandley’s Murder Trial #6

The next court meeting is January 8, 2018. Hopefully the prosecution, defense and judge will finalize the prep work to selecting a jury, trial procedure and evidence. We will see, I don’t expect anything will be resolved and the can will be kicked again.

As I sit in court watching the lead prosecutor and the defense team joking, laughing and, I guess gossiping, I just wonder how passionate the prosecutor is to win the case. I guess I should always remind myself that the prosecution team, the defense team and the judge are all lawyers and they extend courtesy to each other. Need more time, need another delay, no problem. Then the judge asks the murderer, Urdiales, if another delay is OK with him. Why? Has Urdiales got other pressing items he needs to take care of. Nobody asks the victim’s families if they agree to further delay.

I expect the trial will not start until late January 18, but, realistically, probably in mid-February after President’s Day.

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