Robbin Brandley’s Murder Trial – Message 3

The start of the trial is delayed a couple of weeks until the end of October 16.
I hope I can meet and comfort many members of the families of the other four murdered victims. These four young women were daughters/sisters/mothers, and, yes, they were prostitutes. I hope they will not be besmirched by the prosecution or defense, they cannot defend themselves.
I can’t judge the four, you have to walk in their shoes to do that. I am sure their young lives were hard.
Andrew Urdiales tortured them, terrified them, degraded them. He treated them inhumanly. Before murdering them he toyed with them, creating agony and fear. Bastard, bastard, bastard.
Urdiales, shackled to his chair, likes to twist his body so he can glare at the audience. I have locked eyes with him a couple of time and I try to return the hate I see in him.

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