Robbin Brandley’s Murder Trial Message #4 2/20/16

The trial of Robbin’s murderer, Andrew Urdiales, has once again been postponed. The new tentative date is sometime in February, 2017. I think the more realistic date is late Summer or in the Fall of 2017. Urdiales was extradited to California in 2011, almost five years and still waiting. It has been 30+ years since Urdiales murdered Robbin.

In a criminal trial, the prosecuter does not represent the victim, the prosecutor represents the state of California. The defense counsel represents the accused. No one represents the victims or survivors. Marsy’s Law provides rights in the criminal justice system to victims and survivors for almost all procedures except during the actual trial. If the accused is found guilty, the victims and survivors may make a statement during the penalty phase. Other than that, sit down and keep quiet; we are mute onlookers to our loved one’s murder.

Marsy’s Law states: #9.  To a speedy and a prompt and final conclusion of the case and any post-judgement proceedings.

Obviously this is not happenig with Robbin’s murder. Maybe it is a speedy process within the criminal justice system to the lawyers and judge but not to the victims and survivors.  It is cruel punishment for us waiting for justice.

Justice delayed is justice denied. (Gladstone) How true.

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